• Casual & Comfy

    Going to the Strawberry Festival has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. I used to hate it because it was always hot, people always … Read More

    Casual & Comfy
  • 5 Theme Park Outfit Tips

    When you go to a theme park, you are constantly on the go to get from ride to ride and show to show. The last thing you want to worry about is your … Read More

    5 Theme Park Outfit Tips
  • Hidden Hollywood Gem

    What's great about Los Angeles is that it is rich with culture and history. Tourist attractions are loads of fun, but what I love most about L.A. is … Read More

    Hidden Hollywood Gem
  • 5 Tips to De-stress Your Life

    This is the time of the year when many students are living 48-hour days to study for finals (and prep for graduation), parents are scrambling to find … Read More

    5 Tips to De-stress Your Life
  • Quirk

    On April 28, Lei Phillips from RebelsAtHeart.com invited me to Quirk Boutique's anniversary party to celebrate the shop's first successful year in … Read More